09: ATP dianion emission paper in JPCLett

09: Cate wins Ken Wade Prize for best PhD thesis of 2019

09: Sulfite paper accepted in Mol phys Parker Festschrift  

07: Synthetic and analytical chemistry in JPCLett

06: Nature Communication on PYP highlighted by editors

05: Adiabatic changes in PYP anion in Nature Comm

05: On the cover and part of most read of year in JPCA

05: Polyinterhalogen communication is "HOT" in PCCP

05: Explanation of low energy emission accepted in PRL

04: Golda defends thesis - well done Dr. Mensa-Bonsu!

04: Anthracene 2D photoelectron imaging in JCP

04: Feature Article as ACS Editor's Choice

03: Polyinterhalogen paper accepted in PCCP

03: Feature Article in JPCA accepted

02: Spectroscopy of coumaric acids accepted in JPCA

02: Lego spectrometer visits LighDyNamics week

02: GFP solvation study with Weber group in JPCLett 

02: Aude gives Hot Topic talk at MIC GRC in California

01: Elena wins the Photek best talk at SDGM in Warwick!

01: Nature Communications highlighted by editors


12: PYP valence-to-nonvalence dynamics in Nat Comm

12: Cate leaves for post-doc in Temple 

11: Anion valence to non-valence in Nature Comm

11: pBQ cluster anion paper in J. Chem. Phys.

11: GFP chromophore study with Weber group in JPCLett 

10: Perturbed dipole-bound states in PCCP 

10: Cate defends thesis - well done Dr Anstöter!

10: pBQ(H20): "HOT" communication in PCCP

10: Caleb joins the group

09: Effect of H2O on pBQ resonances in PCCP

08: Jan spends month at JILA as fellow

06: Aude wins poster prize at ISMB2019

05: Retinoic acid dynamics accepted in PCCP

04: Faraday Discussion on Ion Spectroscopy in York

04: Anion-π bond strength measurement in JACS

02: Water cluster electron capture paper in JPCLett 

02: Phenoxy-anion photo-oxidation in JPCB

01: Hexafluorobenzene cluster paper in JPCA

01: Allie defends thesis - well done Dr Tyson!