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Postal: Department of Chemistry, Durham University, Durham DH1 3LE, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 (0)191 3342159
Rooms: JRRV CG129,  Group CG264, Labs  CG266 & 273

Verlet bio

Jan was born in 1977 in Leuven (Belgium), went to primary school in Hoegaarden (Belgium), and secondary school in Penang (Malaysia) and then Maastricht (Netherlands). He studied Chemistry at King's College London (1995-1999) and graduated with a MSci. He received his PhD in the same institution under the supervision of Prof. Helen Fielding in 2003 and then moved to the University of California at Berkeley (USA) as a post-doc working in the group of Prof. Dan Neumark. In 2006, Jan returned to the U.K. as a lecturer in chemistry at Durham University. He is currently a Professor at Durham University. He was awarded an EPSRC Advanced Research Fellowship (2006-11) and an ERC Starting Grant (2012-2017). Jan was the chair of the Spectroscopy and Dynamics Group of the RSC (2015 - 19) and is co-editor (with Jeremy Hutson) of the International Reviews in Physical Chemistry since 2018.

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We currently do not have support, but we are always happy to hear from prospective students and/or post docs and are happy to consider opportunities. 


Cate Anstöter (2019)

David Woods (2012-2016)

James Bull (2013-2015)

Sagar Doderri (2009-2010)​

Julien Lecointre (2008-2009)

VerletNet alumni


Golda Mensa-Bonsu (2016-2019)

Cate Anstöter (2015-2019)

Alexandra Tyson (2015-2019)

Laurence Stanley (2013-2017)

Joshua Rogers (2013-2017)

Paweł Nowakoski (2012-2016)

Christopher West (2012-2016)

Adam Chatterley (2010-2013)

Daniel Horke (2009-2012)

Gareth Roberts (2007-2010)

Current group

Undergraduates (MChem/MSci)

Connor Clarke (2019)

Calem Curreen (2019)

Michael Kennedy (2018)

Jade O'Connor (2017)

Charlie Dean (2017)

Megan Ferguson (2016)

Andrew Judd (2015)

Erkki Antonkov (2014)

Laurence Stanley (2013)

Ashley Johns (2013)

Anna Hughes (2013)

Nicholas Andrews (2012)
Claire Marks (2011)
Simon Mihailovic (2010)
Adam Chatterley (2010)
Lauren King (2009)
Daniel Horke (2009)
Steven Saville (2008)
Jonathan Nixon (2008)​