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Jan was born in 1977 in Leuven (Belgium), went to primary school in Hoegaarden (Belgium), and secondary school in Penang (Malaysia) and then Maastricht (Netherlands). He studied Chemistry at King's College London (1995-1999) and graduated with a MSci. He received his PhD in the same institution under the supervision of Prof. Helen Fielding in 2003 and then moved to the University of California at Berkeley (USA) as a post-doc working in the group of Prof. Dan Neumark. In 2006, Jan returned to the U.K. as a lecturer in chemistry at Durham University. He was awarded an EPSRC Advanced Research Fellowship (2006-11) and an ERC Starting Grant (2012-2017) and is currently a Professor at Durham University. Jan was the chair of the Spectroscopy and Dynamics Group of the RSC (2015 - 19) and is co-editor (with Jeremy Hutson) of the for International Reviews in Physical Chemistry since 2018.


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VerletNet alumni


Alexandra Tyson (2015-2019)

Laurence Stanley (2013-2017)

Joshua Rogers (2013-2017)

Paweł Nowakoski (2012-2016)

Christopher West (2012-2016)

Adam Chatterley (2010-2013)

Daniel Horke (2009-2012)

Gareth Roberts (2007-2010)

Current group

Undergraduates (MChem/MSci)

Michael Kennedy (2018)

Jade O'Connor (2017)

Charlie Dean (2017)

Megan Ferguson (2016)

Andrew Judd (2015)

Erkki Antonkov (2014)

Laurence Stanley (2013)

Ashley Johns (2013)

Anna Hughes (2013)

Nicholas Andrews (2012)
Claire Marks (2011)
Simon Mihailovic (2010)
Adam Chatterley (2010)
Lauren King (2009)
Daniel Horke (2009)
Steven Saville (2008)
Jonathan Nixon (2008)​


David Woods (2012-2016)

James Bull (2013-2015)

Sagar Doderri (2009-2010)​

Julien Lecointre (2008-2009)



12: Laurence lands job at Kratos Analytical
11: On  the cover of PCCP
11: Laurence passes viva - well done Dr. Stanley!
​​10: Josh passes viva - well done Dr. Rogers! 
​​​​​09: Both PCCP papers selected as "HOT" articles
​​​​​09: PCCP paper - resonance dynamics in clusters
​​​​​09: PCCP paper - chromophores of chromophores  
07: Cate wins poster prize at Comp Chem meeting :)
05: Correlation bound state in Science Advances
05: Sensitivity of PADs on conformations in JPCLett
02: PSST paper in 2016 highlights
02: Anthacenyl anion paper accepted in Chem Sci​


11: We say goodbye to Woodsy and to his great work, mind and inappropriate comments!
11: Photo-cyclisation reaction paper in JPCLett
​​10: JPCLett places spotlight on CTTS paper
10: Golda, Jade and Charlie  join the group
10: JRRV promoted to a chair in chemistry 
09: CTTS paper at water/air interface in JPCLett
08: Review on spectroscopy of anion resonances out
07: Vitamin E paper online at JPCB
06: Annual Review on gas-phase spectroscopy out
05: Dipole-bound anion paper on-line in Chem Sci
04: Pawel passes viva: Well done Dr Nowakowski
01: Pawel nominated in EU Science Photo comp.
01: Chris passes his viva to become Dr West
01: SHG paper in top-read JCP articles in 2015
01:  Dianion PADs paper as CPL Editor's Choice​


11:  PCCP on tetracene out
10:  James heads down under to Bieske group
10:  Cate, Allie and Megan join the group 
08:  Woods awarded RSC Research Mobility Grant
06:  Coenzyme Q0 out in PCCP
04:  Chem Sci paper in top-25 most downloaded
02:  SHG methods paper out in JCP
01:  Fluorescein dynamics paper out in JPCLett
01:  Anion paper out in Chem Sci