The 30th edition of ANUMOCP will take place on 6 July 2022 in Durham.  The meeting will be predominantly in person, but we will also allow folk to follow talks and participate online.


9.30: Arrival, registration and coffee

Session 1, Chair: Jan Verlet – Durham University

10.00: Thomas Pope – Newcastle University - The exciting dynamics of highly emissive TANGO molecules

10.20: Bijit Mukherjee – Durham University - Feshbach resonances and molecule formation in ultracold mixtures of Rb and Yb(3P) atoms

10.40: Catherine Royle – University of Sheffield - Vibrational control of Pt(II) donor-bridge-acceptor complexes

11.00: Dennis Milesevic – University of Oxford - Photodissociation Dynamics of N,N-dimethylformamide at 225nm and 245nm

11.20: Coffee break

Session 2, Chair: Ricardo Fernandez-Teran – University of Sheffield

11.40: James Thompson – University of Nottingham - Photoelectron interferometry: Accessing molecular frame PADs through non-adiabatic alignment of molecules

12.00: Katya Moncrieff – University of York - The photolytic and thermal degradation of an unnatural nucleobase

12.20: Martin Appleby – University of Sheffield - Ultrafast Dynamics of photocatalytic complexes for light-driven antibacterial water treatment

12.40: Charlotte Cummings – Newcastle University - Analysis of the microwave spectrum, structure and internal rotation of the CH3 group in N-methylimidazole...H2O and 2-methylimidazole...H2O complexes

1.00: Lunch and poster session

Session 3, Chair: Kelechi Uleanya – University of York

2.30: Ravi Kumar Venkatraman – University of Sheffield - Ultrafast Photoinduced Electron Transfer between Perylene and Napthalenediimide Attached to Oligopeptides

2.50: Patrick Robertson – University of Oxford - Imaging the Dissociation Dynamics of Polycations

3.10: Thomas Greenwood – Manchester Metropolitan University - Imaging and Modelling Studies of Nitric Oxide Scattering off Graphene

3.30: Coffee break

Session 4, Chair: Cate Anstoter – University of York

3.50: Chris Sparling – Heriot-Watt University - Arbitrary Image Reinflation: A deep learning technique for recovering 3D photoproduct distributions from a single 2D projection

4.10: Guanzhi Wu – University of Sheffield - Application of Ultrafast Broadband Fluorescence Up-Conversion Spectroscopy on Investigate Rates of intersystem crossing in transition metal complexes

4.30: Conor Rankine – Newcastle University - Instant, Accurate, and Affordable XAS Simulations using the XANESNET Deep Neural Network

4.50: Closing remarks and departure

Poster presentations:
Rory Cowin – University of Sheffield - 5 Billion eV a second: X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy of Copper Photosensitisers
Miriam Fsadni – Newcastle University - Intermolecular Charge Transport: A Novel Design Paradigm
Clelia Middleton – Newcastle University - Transforming the analysis of X-Ray Spectroscopy with Deep Learning: focus on Sulphur K-edge
Owen Woodford – Newcastle University - North East Transient Absorption Spectroscopy Facility
Rahul Kumar Pandey – University of Liverpool - Development and characterization of a cryogenic linear Paul ion trap to study the cold and controlled ion-radical reactions
Jake Diprose – University of Liverpool - Room temperature and supersonic beam neutral sources to study charge transfer reactions within Coulomb crystal
Connor Clarke and Jan Verlet – Anion Photoelectron Spectroscopy of hydrated nucleobase clusters


Getting to Durham

The meeting will take place in the Chemistry Department at Durham University, DH1 3LE

To get here by

Train: on east-coast mainline (15-20 minute walk from station to department or short taxi drive) 


Car: Durham is just of the M1 at exit # 62. The department is at SatNav location 54.76810520916665, -1.5701616103314797. If you intend to drive, do let Jemma Gibbard ( know by e-mail so that a parking spot can be arranged for the day.


30th Annual Northern Universities Meeting On Chemical Physics